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For a number of years now Sally Campbell has been working in organisations as a coach, trainer and facilitator helping people from all age groups and work disciplines to develop their potential in times of great change. Her company-sponsored work with employers has led her to set up Brand 4 Work Limited to publish a series of titles for the wider public designed to help people make the most of what they have to offer and make the best impact possible in work and life in general.

Sally believes that everyone should have a champion and sadly many people do not have such a person – especially during times of upheaval and change. This thought led her to her strap line – “championing individual impact”. This is exactly what the Brand 4 Work titles set out to do.

Go-Jonny-Go, the first title in the series, is for young people aged 16-25. Rather than using only a text book format, Sally wanted to find another way, a way that really works, of getting her messages across to this audience. The success of reality TV and sagas like ‘Friends’ and ‘Hollyoaks’ inspired her to produce an innovative training film format to accompany the text book part of Go-Jonny-Go.

The use of film as a training medium is, of course, not at all new. Having worked in the corporate world for much of her life she has often been a member of the audience for such films – like the Video Arts films conceived by John Cleese. However, these films were made for the ‘corporate side of the desk’ and it has long been an ambition of Sally’s to make a film from the candidate’s or the employee’s perspective.

The fresh and entertaining style of the new GJG film is most certainly a new genre. When you consider that over 90% of communication is non-verbal the film easily illustrates what you need to do to sharpen up for the market for work and then how to get the work you want. The interviews throughout the film from industry recruitment professionals also add to the audience’s understanding of how to approach their working life.

After a thoroughly motivating hour watching the film, the audience will be keen to pick up the full colour and easy to read Go-Jonny-Go Guidebook (170 pages)to find out exactly how to go about their quest for the work they want.


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