Go-Jonny-Go’s Target Market

Go-Jonny-Go has been designed especially for the 16-25 age group. Its content is relevant at many stages of an early career when, for example:

Starting out on working life, finding and landing the first ‘proper’ job.

Looking for work experience (compulsory for GCSE candidates).

Interviewing for college or university.

Looking for placement experience (sandwich year in industry).

Still in education but thinking ahead to career planning (this kind of early start is very much championed by the careers fairs organisations for example)

Already in work but looking to improve career prospects.

The wide ranging appeal and application of Go-Jonny-Go means that there are many PR and promotional opportunities throughout the calendar year.

Go-Jonny-Go helps young people meet the demands of the world of work

As we all know the market for work is changing or has changed to put it more accurately. There are no longer jobs for life thus increasing the need for frequent career/job change. This demands that individuals are very effective at keeping up to date with what’s going on in the world of work, matching their skills and experience to that market and making the best impact possible – and sustaining that impact.

Finding the right role is becoming more challenging and achieving the right fit with a company becoming more important for sustaining a career.

The present Government’s target of getting 50% of young people to university by 2010 does mean that there is already and certainly will be a high need for differentiation in the competitive market for work.

Go-Jonny-Go’s Target Market Statistics

There are currently nearly 700,000 students annually: 29% school leavers, 25% A level, 31% first degree, and 15% post graduate. From a retail point of view the market for Go-Jonny-Go is therefore a constantly refreshing one and in fact a growing one.

And these figures do not include the young people who are already working.

PR Opportunities

Go-Jonny-Go will have an extended shelf life. It’s right up to date and contemporary in its style – both the film and the guidebook. Brand 4 Work is committed to ensuring that Go-Jonny-Go is updated as and when the market demands.

There is always a high degree of media focus on young people and their readiness for the workplace.

Go-Jonny-Go is a title that has many different potential media angles and in these early pre-release days reaction from the news and broadcast media has been very positive.

Brand 4 Work will be engaged in raising brand awareness of the Go-Jonny-Go title throughout the target market and the likely buyers – i.e. parents, aunts, uncles, family members, friends. This will be achieved by editorial and promotional events in-store and at careers fairs and educational establishments.

The wide ranging appeal and application of Go-Jonny-Go means that there are many PR and promotional opportunities throughout the calendar year – at the beginning and end of the academic year, at graduation time, at careers fair time to name but three.

Go-Jonny-Go’s launch on 20th November at John Lewis Oxford Street marks the start of these promotional events when two of the actors from the film – Ryan Philpott and Simon Eels - will be performing sketches throughout the afternoon in-store. Go-Jonny-Go will be available at John Lewis Oxford Street through to Christmas.


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