New book and DVD film ‘Go-Jonny-Go’ encourages under 25 year olds to take a more entrepreneurial approach to career planning

This Saturday 20 November during National Enterprise Week, sees the launch of ‘Go-Jonny-Go’ a unique careers advice DVD and guidebook set for school-leavers, graduates and first jobbers. Based on the real world requirements of today’s work market, it provides expert careers information, builds self-belief and helps people create an individual brand for work.
'Go-Jonny-Go', written by career management expert Sally Campbell, is the first ever careers advice guide which provides a feature-length training film for the consumer. Together the guidebook and the film offer young people an eight-step process for effective self-marketing and act as personal trainer, coach and mentor throughout the early career years.
West Sussex-based author Campbell says: “Young people can benefit hugely from taking time to decide what makes them tick and the skills they offer before carefully matching these to an employer’s needs. With Tony Blair aiming for 50% of all school leavers to attend university by 2010, the competition for jobs is getting tougher and sound preparation and research is essential to get the work you want. In response to this need, I wrote 'Go-Jonny-Go' with the aim of fostering a more enterprising, self-reliant approach to the world of work and career management.”
The 55 minute DVD film is a refreshing learning resource telling the story of six college friends preparing for the job market, guided by Randall, their ‘personal trainer’. Highlights of the film are the good, the bad and the ugly of candidate interview styles, views from employers and a section on the power of body language to increase your interview or presentation impact.
Supporting the DVD, the Guidebook includes personal assessment exercises vital for self-knowledge. It contains quotes from HR professionals explaining what they want to hear from candidates and why. It looks at an entrepreneurial approach to creative job finding, effective ways to research and approach organisations, and how you can differentiate yourself in a tough job market by being just 1% more accomplished than your competitors.

The Go-Jonny-Go pack is published by Brand4Work and will launch into all major retail book stores from Saturday 20 November. The pack retails at £24.99.

Media Contacts:
Sally Campbell, Founder, Brand4Work T: 07767 888792
Ali Waters, PR consultant, AWPR T: 07947 472578

Please call to request copies of the Go-Jonny-Go book and DVD set or for interviews and images.

Photocall Notice:
1.00pm - Saturday 20 November at the Stationary Department, Ground Floor, John Lewis Department Store on Oxford Street. Use main oxford street entrance. Actors from the DVD film will perform a comedy sketch and interviews are available with author Sally Campbell.

Phone Interviews:
Interviews are available with Sally Campbell an expert in career advice and management with over twelve years experience, plus several employers/ HR directors/ educationalists/ students/ parents.

Film copies available at 14 minutes and 55 minutes duration.
Pack photography and shots of author Sally Campbell also available.


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