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Championing Individual Impact

Brand 4 Work Limited, a niche publisher, takes a fresh look at shaping up for work and life in general.

A series of titles is planned that will provide individuals with long term support in preparing for the world of work, in finding the right companies and jobs, in effective career management and sustaining personal impact at work (and in life in general come to that).

The first title in the series is called Go-Jonny-Go.

Go-Jonny-Go is designed specifically for the 16-25 age group and is an essential toolkit for young people wanting to kick start their career and get the work they really want (and keep it!).

Combining a feature length film and comprehensive supporting guidebook, the content is highly practical and in a very logical sequence starting with what the market for work really looks for and then how young people need to prepare themselves for that market. The content is right up to date and relevant to the demands of organisations here in the UK.

Go-Jonny-Go will show young people how to market themselves to maximum effect by making the most of what they have to offer and understanding what’s ‘inside the heads’ of the people doing the recruiting in the UK’s organisations.

Throughout the Go-Jonny-Go product the theme is one of enterprise. It promotes the idea of taking an enterprising approach to finding the right kind of work. The idea of adopting an entrepreneurial mindset towards career management and sustaining personal impact.


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